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Additional Information

This agenda is a digital planner and will arrive to your email as a PDF link. Planner Details:

  • 352 pages/176 spreads
    Spreads include: Year goal-setting/planning, Year-end reflection, year at a glance, holidays and birthdays, quarterly goals, monthly calendar, monthly goals, monthly budgeting pages, monthly reflection, weekly meal planner, weekly grocery lists, weekly to-do lists, weekly self-care lists, daily planner (with customizable sections), note pages, project planners, habit trackers, and more!

  • Due to the digital format of this planner, all sales are final.

  • This planner is for personal use only. By purchasing, you understand that this is copyright-protected material that is protected by law. You agree not to share, sell, alter, or replicate this product in any way. Any attempts to do so may be subject to legal action.

Complete with interval goal-setting spreads, weekly lists, customizable daily spreads, monthly reflection prompts and more, this planner is like a daily agenda, vision board and reflection journal in one.


I designed this myself to guide you through all of the organizational and goal-setting routines that I have personally used throughout my academic and professional careers. I hope that you'll love it just as much as I do!

2024 Digital Planner

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